Completed contracts

For Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE S.A.)

Modernisation of substation 220/6 kV Koksochemia

Expansion of the 220 kV switchgear of 400/220 kV Krajnik substation for FW BANIE terminal

110 kV line bay retrofitof SE Plewiska for a line connection Kromolice

Expansion and modernisation of 220/110 kV substation in Lubocza

The transfer of the Regional Power DispatchWarszawa to a building at ul. Mysia 2 in Warsaw – implementation of adaptation of premises and technical infrastructure, and the transfer of RPDWarszawa dispatch systems

For PGE Dystrybucja

Substation 110/6 kV Rzeszów EC - Construction of 15 kV switchgear O/Rzeszów

Modernisation and rebuilding of the110/15 kV substation Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki O/Warszawa

Construction works on the basis of the technical documentation for the modernisation of the 110/15 kV substation in Pomiechówek O/Warszawa

Modernisation of 110/15 kV substation in TomaszówPołudnie - comprehensive modernisation of 110 kV bays O/Zamość

Construction of110 kV switchgear in Skoczykłody O/ Łódź-Teren

Rebuilding of the telemechanics system of 110/15 kV substation in Kielce Północ O/Skarżysko-Kamienna

Modernisation of 15/15 kV switchgear in Zgierz ul. Dubois 1A O/Łódź-Miasto

Construction of 110 kV switchgear in Słupia O/ Łódź-Teren

Extension of HV/MV substation in Busko Zdrój O/Skarżysko-Kamienna

Modernisation of 110/15 kV substation in Karczew O/Warszawa

Detaled designing of rebuilding including the extension of HV/MV substation KZWM Kielce O/Skarżysko-Kamienna

Modernisation of 110kV switchgear in substation 400/110kV Trębaczew O/Łódź

For TAURON Dystrybucja

Modernisation of the 110/15 kV substationin Bonarka - the extension of LV switching station in O/Kraków

The extension of SDH and PDH transmission system at O/Częstochowa

Construction of 110/15 kV substation in Brzesko O/Tarnów

Modernisation of 110/15 kV Skibówki substation in Zakopane - change of the substation circuit from H3 to H5 for O/Kraków

Modernisation of SE Bogucice telemechanics system O/Gliwice

Modernisation of telemechanicsat HV/MV substation in Gromadka O/Gliwice

Modernisation of 110 kV/MV switchgear in Kurów O/Tarnów

Modernisation of 110/15 kV transformer substation on Jordanów - change of the station circuit from H3 to H5 O/Kraków

Modernisation of 110 kV outdoor switchgear at Siersza power plant O/Elektrownia Siersza in Trzebina TAURON Wytwarzanie

Modernisation of 110/15kV substation Głubczyce including the development of technical and legal documentation O/Opole

Construction of 110/15 kV substation in RadomyślWielki along with connections to existing LV lines O/Tarnów

For ENEA Operator

Adjustment of HV, LV bays, and names of substation circuits of HV/LV in Bydgoszcz Osowa Góra to connect the biogas power plant in Wojnowo O/Bydgoszcz

The extension of 110 kV switchgear by a 110 kV transformer bay in HV/MV substation Śrem Helenki O/Poznań

For ENERGA Operator S.A.

Execution of construction and assembly of KV/MV substation Drwęca, container station building, modernisation of the 110 kV primary circuit – modules in the bays O/Toruń

Modernisation GPZ Płock Góry O/Płock

For Innogy Operator

Modernisation of RSM Migdałowa substation

Modernisation of protections of 110 kV in RPZ Kaliszówka substation including the adjustment of meter circuits in HV/MV substation Mościska /Warszawa

For Siemens

Control and supervision system project as a task of 220/110 kV Substation Extension in Glinki

Control and supervision systemat MOKRE substation project

Control and supervision system at Leśniów substation

Control and supervision system project as a task of 400/110 kV Substation Building in Żydowo Kierzkowo

For other customers

Implementation of Control and supervision system Syndis in SE 400/110 kV Płock for MIKRONIKA Poznań

Communmication and Technical Protection System at 110/115 kV Gronowo substation for Elektrobudowa S.A. Konin