What we do

Substations ofHigh and the Highest Voltages

Our company Entertel S.A provides construction and assembly services of substations, modernization and repairing indoor and overhead substations of 400, 220, 110, and 15 kV.

Our constructions are carried out in the system of turnkey constructions and the stages are as follows: designing, getting formal and legal decisions, installing, start-up of substations, and handed-over to operation.

Our company uses the most modern technical and technological solutions and of high quality equipment. Entertel S.A. follows all the rules and regulations of utility power plants, and the requirements of our customers.

Our company employs experienced and well-qualified power engineers, whose qualifications let install electrical equipment of primary and secondary circuits, control and monitoring systems (SSiN), telecommunications, technical protection systems (SOT), etc.

Control and Monitoring Systems

Our company provides comprehensive services such as assembly and start-up of control and monitoring systems. It also provides services of installing telemechanics for industrial and utility power plants.  We also modernise existing telemechanics circuits depending on customers' needs. We are capable of meeting the most complex requirements ensuring the high quality of our services and a short period of carrying out those services.
We have many years of experience acquired through a series of comprehensive works carried out based on the devices of top Polish and foreign manufacturers such as Amator Elkomtech, Mikronika, SIEMENS, GE, or Alstom. Our well-trained staff, numerous trainings and continuous improvement of the quality of our services let us provide the best solutions taking care of the highest standards and binding rules. The additional advantage is the fact that we are able to take part in the whole process of task fulfilment starting from determining the investor's needs through consulting, design, assembly, executing and drawing up the whole as-built documentation. We also provide post-warranty and operation services.

  • We provide specialist services such as:
  • consultation in the process of preparing comprehensive solutions for projects in the scope of control and monitoring systems,
  • preparing the database of signals concerning the carried out projects,
  • modernisation of existing telecontrol circuits, telesignalling and telemeasuring services, the implementation of concentrated and distributed remote control stations based on the Ex, Syndis, Harris, Siemens, Schneider and others systems,
  • parametrisation and starting, among other things, the drivers of the following companies: Elkomtech, Mikronika Harris,
  • set-up, maintenance, and operation of telemetry converters (ARDETEM, LUMEL, and others),
  • setting and editing of Scada-WindEx and Syndis visualisation systems, designing and starting pole-mounted connectors in the networks of 15kV, and telemechanics systems operated by radio in the GSM, trunking networks, etc.
  • testing and checking data transmission between telemechanics systems and dispatch centres. We have knowledge and experience concerning most of data transmission protocols used in the energy sector,
  • the development and implementation of algorithms of blocking and control sequences following the binding PSE standards in the drivers and systems mentioned above,
  • ensuring smooth communication and data exchange between different devices of telemechanics systems gathered and distributed in the level of physical lines and compatibility with the implementation of data exchange protocol between devices.

Automatic Protection Systems

Our company provides a wide range of services in the field of digital security and network automatics solutions. Our company employs trained staff of engineers and many years of experience in the field of protections currently used in MV and HV. Our company has measuring apparatus and equipment used for examination, allowing us to carry out necessary control-measurement examination of protective relays. Our experience let us provide consulting services and practical knowledge in the range of current solutions as far as the choice of automatic protection selection for MV and HV substations are concerned.

Thanks to trainings and commissioning works which have been done, we have an experience in the field of the following company’s protection: Apator Elkomtech, Polon Relpol, Computers and Controls, ABB, Siemens, Schneider, JM Tronic and others.

We provide specialist services such as:

  • comprehensive start-up and retrofit of HV and MV substations,
  • starting protective automatics for medium and high voltage bays,
  • analogue and digital protection systems settings,
  • consultations in the field of designing and modernisation of energy systems of medium and high voltages,
  • post-assembly, starting, and acceptance of HV and MV bays,
  • complex checking of ATSE, AR, ALS, AVR, BBPU, BFP automatics, etc.
  • designing and implementation of PLC programmable automatics.


Telecommunication and Data Transmission Systems

The company's extensive experience and deep knowledge of the available telecommunication systems let us offer our complex and the best technical solutions matched with customers’ needs.

Our company provides our customers comprehensive advice in the field of telecommunication systems. We help in the planning of network expansion. We also evaluate the current state of network infrastructure. We provide the support of telecommunications and information technology systems as well.

Design Studio, which employs high class specialists, is prepared for comprehensive designing of every telecommunications capex project.  Documentation is made in stages - starting from the conceptual drafting, through technical-economical guidelines, ending with the detailed design. Designs made by our designers are of high editorial and merits-related level.

Structured cabling systems enables access to telephone, computer and power systems over a single network of wires, give the warranty of high quality of pictures, data transmission and other signals transferred with high speed. They provide optimum performance for all modern networking technologies.

Our cabling is compatible with all data transmission standards carried out with concentric, twisted-pair and fibre-optic cables, regardless of the computer system providers. We can guarantee the modularity of product, which can easily be reconfigured and extended, letting the staff be moved or creating new work positions without the expensive modification of cabling network. Our company provides and installs the structured cabling systems by all major vendors.. We have a well-trained staff in the field of designing and installing structured cabling systems with relevant certification.

We provide "turnkey" services in the structured cabling framework and it is as follows:

  1. the study of the technical-economic assumptions,
  2. carry out working plans and specifications,
  3. making cables' routes and runs,
  4. installation of structured, shielded, and unshielded cabling,
  5. measurement verification,
  6. the wiring services,
  7. providing warranty and post-warranty service.
Designing and Formal and Legal Business

In ENERTEL S.A. you can find Design Studio which aim is to design and to provide technical consultation in the field of power engineering facilities.

The range of our services is as follows:

  • development of concept and implementation studies of energy facilities;
  • fibre-optic route designs;
  • the designs of HV/MV and MV/LV overhead and interior substations;
  • design of building, rebuilding and modernization electrical systems; the scope of works includes:

- the foundations and supporting structures for the apparatus,
- station buildings including fence and access roads,
- primary circuits,
- secondary circuits,
- control and monitoring systems (telemechanics),
- energy billing system,
- own needs,
- telecommunication and Technical Protection System;

  • designs of electrical and teletechnical installations at general, industrial, and public utility buildings

Our solutions concerning construction and power engineering works use the most modern technologies and fulfil all requirements in the field of ecology.
Our studio has been furnitured with computer equipment and the latest CAD software. It also has proper facilities, therefore allowing the implementation of any projects in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

Prefabrication of Switchboxes and Distribution Boards

We make complete switchboxes and distribution boards for the needs of utility power plants. We also manufacture indoor switchboxes’ inner, steel and aluminum structures, and outdoor cable distribution boxes for substations.

Our offer includes design and prefabrication of:

  • outdoor cable distribution boxes of Z-1, Z-1 Medium, and Z-2 type
  • control-relay cabinets (f.e. combiflex)
  • energy measurement cabinets
  • signalling cabinets
  • 400/230 V AC from 400 A to 1600 A auxiliary equipment power supply cabinets:
  • 220 V DC auxiliary equipment power supply cabinets
  • Switchboards for guaranteed voltage: 220 V/50 Hz and 24/48 V DC

switchboards for power supply of electrical systems in buildings

In the framework of works entrusted we provide:

  • comprehensive consultancy and implementation of engineering projects
  • assembly of the ordered boards and switchboxes at the customer site
  • post-assembly examination and start-up
  • FAT tests

Using own or ready designs we manufacture constructions of the highest quality. Those constructions are equipped with apparatus, accessories, and secondary circuits fully customised to customers' needs. Declarations of conformity shall correspond to the relevant standards and directives of the European Union.

Technical Protection Systems

We provide comprehensive solutions in the scope of technical protections systems and they are as follows:

  • Fire Alarm Systems (SAP),
  • Burglary and Robbery Alarm (SSWiN),
  • Access Control (KD),
  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV).

The products and technology come from reliable and trusted manufacturers in the industry.